Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan said the news media is so desperate to find a way to make money that outlets will publish stories whether they’ve been fully vetted or not.

“They’re f***ing starving for hits,” Rogan said on Thursday’s podcast, “The Rogan Experience,” with co-host Neal Brennan. “It’s so hard to make money. It’s so hard they’re drowning.

“So they’re trying to grab whatever branches they can,” he continued. “If they’ve gotta make a good story with a click-baity title, f*** it, who gives a s**t,” they go ahead and run with it.

Rogan said that he believes that institutions, including the Washington Post and the New York Times, figure they can run a retraction if the story doesn’t work out. No one even reads the retractions since they appear “in a little column in the corner” of the newspaper, he added.

The inaccuracies reported in stories by institutions make everyone question everything that’s published, Rogan said.

Did he provide examples?

Rogan pointed to an example in the New York Times. He said the newspaper printed an inaccurate report on a UFC match that should have been pretty straightforward reporting.

“You might think it’s trivial because it’s just a boxing match but it’s completely inaccurate and completely exaggerating what actually went down,” Rogan said.

Brennan reminded Rogan that “all” of the stories about the comedian have errors.

What else?

Rogan and Brennan agreed there still needs to be an absolute truth in journalism.

“That’s what I feel like is sort of melting in this era of anyone goes,” Brennan said. “Well, they said this and that’s not true so everything else that say is f***ing bulls**t, right?”

“[President Donald] Trump does it a lot and I think people are all too happy to believe it because they resent institutions,” he said.

Rogan said he believes the media is in a transition period “where all the best journalists are locked into two ancient systems,” print and broadcast.

The problem with broadcast is that reports are locked into specific on-air times. As for print, the medium has adapted to the digital world but it still struggles to get subscribers to pay for content.

Rogan said he thinks the New York Times is doing well online, thanks to President Trump.

“They’re actually doing much better because of President Trump because he talks so much s**t about them.”

Watch the Joe Rogan Experience podcast:

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