Andrew Klavan discusses the series finale of the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” and discusses how Democrats are becoming the dragon queen on Monday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show.” Video and partial transcript below:

Democrats are the dragon queen. They are the dragon queen. You know, last week we saw not just in my Stanford address, where they tried to start trouble, where the administration tried to start trouble and kind of shut me down and get people upset. But we saw — we had my friend on Michael Loftis the comedian, who told you how he couldn’t get his stuff sold because he was a right-winger. So, they want to silence him.

We saw Jenna Ellis, now Mrs. Reeves, Jenna Ellis Reeves, was blocked on Facebook for supporting Matt Walsh in his anti-abortion fight. We see all these people being thrown off. We see people using power without thinking about the fact that power contradicts the very things they are trying to achieve. And you know, I know they started out, or at least in their hearts, wanting to do good. I know they want to reverse racist policies of the past, but the Left has become truly, truly wicked in their racist ideas. You know, this is something enormous, identity politics which is racism with a smiley face, is simple evil. And I mean I see it all the time, I see like segregated dorms and colleges.

In my profession and storytelling, they now have a thing called “own story” which is you can only tell your own story or the story of people like you. We saw this with Elton John’s movie coming out and people started to complain about the fact that the actor who plays the gay Elton John is not himself gay, and Elton John, to his credit, came out said that’s garbage that is B.S. because it’s just a movie. But if you think about it, the thought … that there is something about it between a black person and a white person, between a gay person and a straight person; some barrier that keeps an artist, whose job is to portray all of humanity, that keeps them apart. So, they’ve come back to the kind of racism, the Left has come back to the kind of racism they practiced under Jim Crow. They keep saying, “Well that was different because now you got Nixon’s Southern strategy changing everything.” The same attitude. It is the same thing.

So, it’s evil stuff they’re pushing on people. They start out trying to do good; they wind up doing evil because they feel that they have got what’s right and they’re going to eliminate all choice. Eliminate all voices on the other side. And that is the journey of the dragon queen in “Game of Thrones.” But what we should have been doing instead of going on and saying I didn’t want this person to take the throne and I didn’t do this and why didn’t they say this on Twitter, which is what conservative Twitter looks like. We should have been saying “oh look the Democrats, the Democrats are the dragon queen, they have started out trying to do good and now they’re so convinced that only their way is good that they are going to enforce that on everybody else.” And what the queen says is they don’t get to decide. Those people that she’s liberating, she’s going to liberate them, and they don’t get to decide what’s good because she knows what’s good. She’s a Leftist. She becomes a Leftist.

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