On Monday’s “White House Brief,” host Jon Miller discussed the tragic death of a 16-year-old Guatemalan illegal immigrant and how the leftist media are outraged, but silent when it comes to American deaths caused by illegal immigrants.

“I am so sick of the left’s selective outrage over which lives matter and which lives don’t,” Jon said. “All of a sudden the [leftists] switch to caring about life when they see political expediency there … and there’s nothing more tragic to them then when it’s an illegal immigrant … despite their cavalier attitude whenever Americans die.”

Jon noted the illegal immigrant from Kenya who was charged last week for allegedly murdering 12 elderly women in Dallas, and how the left-wing media refused to report the story because the serial killer was here illegally.

“You don’t hear them talking about that. That’s not inhumane. You don’t hear them calling that immoral and inhumane because of course it’s an illegal immigrant and that’s counter to their narrative,” Jon said.

“This border crisis is bringing nothing but death and destruction, and we can’t go on like this,” he added. “Too many families have been permanently separated by the unmitigated, unchecked flow of illegal immigrants into this country.”

Watch the video below to catch more of Jon’s take:

Illegal Alien Dies & NOW Left Cares About Immigration Casualties


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