The Washington Post was excoriated and mocked by many on social media for blaming the ills of of one America’s most liberal cities on capitalism.

The article entitled, “How San Francisco broke America’s heart,” appeared in the style section and was published on Tuesday. It cites skyrocketing rent as the reason why so many progressives are now complaining that the city is unlivable.

One quote from the Salesforce founder stuck out to many as extremely out of touch.

“This is unregulated capitalism, unbridled capitalism, capitalism run amok,” said Marc Benioff. There are no guardrails.”

That assessment of San Francisco’s problems was ridiculed by many on social media who pointed to liberal housing policies that kept developers from easing the housing crisis by building more residential units.

“This quote by Benioff in ⁦@axios⁩ this morning is BONKERS. What is screwed up in SF has nothing to do with capitalism. Good grief,” said Tony Fratto, former George W. Bush admin. official.

“You know what a lot of ‘unbridled’ capitalists would love to do in San Francisco?” he added in a second tweet. “They’d love to go in and build tens of thousands of multi-dwelling units.”

“Apparently he’s unaware that SF has the nation’s most burdensome housing regulations and slowest permitting process,” responded land-use columnist Cathy Reisenwitz.

“How does one manage to write a piece largely centering around San Francisco’s housing unaffordability and not use the words ‘zoning’ or even ‘regulation’?” asked Cato Institute policy analyst Colin Grabow.

“If San Francisco had some ‘unregulated capitalism, unbridled capitalism, capitalism run amok,’ poorer people might actually be able to live there,” added Charles C.W. Cooke of the National Review.

Here’s more on San Francisco’s woes:

Poop and Needles in San Francisco?

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