Slightly Offens*ve” host Elijah Schaffer and Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher headed to a “Stop the Ban” pro-abortion rally in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday to talk to protesters about why they oppose the recently passed pro-life legislation in Alabama and Georgia.

“Women are going to get abortions regardless. These rich white men are going to have their mistresses and their wives and their daughters get abortions regardless,” argued one woman.

Elijah mentioned that Black American’s get disproportionately more abortions in this country, according to Planned Parenthood’s own statistics.

“I guess, um, but at the end of the day it doesn’t really have to do with them,” she responded.

“I’m strongly in favor of a woman’s right to choose whatever direction she wants to go with her body,” said a man who identified himself as Glen. “I’m not happy with where the right-wing has taken this, and it’s overreach by any terms,” he added.

Elijah noted Californian’s “authoritarian side” as they assert their liberal opinions on other, more conservative states such as Alabama and Georgia.

“People in California get so upset with other states for having states’ rights. This is the very authoritarian side of California,” he said. “This is America but [they believe] it’s just what California and New York want.”

He asked one rallygoer what she thought Californians have to add the the conversation regarding abortion laws in other states.

“We’re definitely allowed access to a lot more things,” she answered. “We’re around a lot more people that support us.” The same woman claimed later that, “Sometimes corpses have more rights to their bodily insides than women do.”

A young woman who claimed to be a “law student” interrupted an interview, suggesting that Elijah was obligated to inform people of his personal stance on abortion before he could ask for their opinion.

Watch more in the video below:

Los Angeles “Baby Bullies” ** EXPOSED **

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