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Predictable …

Protecting its leaders … Earlier Wednesday, President Donald Trump spoke in the Rose Garden about pulling out of infrastructure negotiations and Democratic leadership’s insistence on continuing to investigate him after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report cleared him. Trump went through the extraordinary level of cooperation he and his team gave the Mueller investigation and lamented that rather than work toward a better America, the
Democrats are fixated on more investigations. Trump pulled out of the infrastructure meeting after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that he was engaged in a cover-up. He chastised Pelosi for attending a meeting earlier in the day focused on impeachment.

Predictably, the Democratic Party-press, as
Mark Levin calls them, lined up to protect Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone was quick to point out that even though Trump claims no cover-ups, he hasn’t released his tax returns.
  • The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake listed a series of things Trump hasn’t done that Blake wishes he would, thus proving, in Blake’s mind, some nefarious cover-up.
  • CNN’s media cheerleader/critic Brian Stelter said Pelosi’s quote about praying for Trump was the “quote of the day.” In other words, YAY Team Blue!
  • Politico head honcho Blake Hounshell noted that Trump may be playing angry because he had a sign, “printed several days in advance.” He also said Pelosi threw “mad shade” with the prayer line. Rah, rah, Team Blue!

Those are but a few of the reactions of major media types. As usual they are rushing to the defense of their political leadership, all the while pretending that they are nonpartisan.

During the news conference, Trump said the media “ought to be ashamed” for the way it reported on the now-debunked collusion narrative and for not accurately reporting on the “takedown attempt” against his presidency.

Why would they report that? They’re part of the takedown.

Government-funded media swipes at Levin …

One of the never-ending tropes from the left during the Trump presidency is that Fox News is effectively “state-run media.” Well, the United States does have state-funded media in the Voice of America and public television and radio. On Tuesday, the publicly funded National Public Radio website published an outright attack on LevinTV host Mark Levin’s latest book. It’s childish and sophomoric, exactly what you’d expect from government-funded propaganda, really.

Here’s the author’s open:

Long considered fringe, the right wing radio host Mark Levin has had a few good years: He picked up a weekly Fox News show (“Life, Liberty & Levin”); he counts conservative political commentator Sean Hannity as his best friend; and the president recently tweeted in support of his new book, “Word is out that book is GREAT!”

That opening paragraph could have been written by Alinsky himself.

What this review really shows is that the media understands that Levin’s central thesis is correct, and it needs to attack the messenger before eyes are opened.

Mark Levin hosts LevinTV on BlazeTV, which is owned by Blaze Media.

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