In this episode of “The White House Brief,” host Jon Miller discussed the Democrats’ baseless but increasing calls for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump in the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report.

Jon noted that many Democrats have been calling for Trump’s impeachment since the very beginning of his presidency, yet they are now acting as though they do this now with “heavy hearts.”

Having not found evidence of crimes through the Mueller report, Democrats in Congress want a “do-over investigation” and the president has had enough, said Jon in reference to Wednesday’s incident in which President Trump walked out of a White House meeting after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused him of being “engaged in a cover-up.

“These people act like there wasn’t a Mueller report that completely exonerated the president,” Jon said. “And now they’re saying he obstructed justice. Really? You can’t obstruct justice for a crime you didn’t do … but he’s trying to cover it up?”

Jon said Democrats are “furious” that the Mueller investigation didn’t work out as they planned, so as a last desperate resort, they are renewing their calls for impeachment.

“The witch hunt is over, folks. The witch hunt has been impeding the country and its ability to function. It’s been hurting the president, the president can’t function with it and Congress is not doing their job,” Jon continued. “It’s time for it to end.”

Watch the video below for more of Jon’s take:

Trump Impeachment Frenzy Reeks of Desperation

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