Chick-fil-A, which is a perpetual target of the Left because of the religious views of its ownership, proved once again the kind of working environment it promotes when employees at an East Ridge, Tennessee, restaurant helped a customer change a flat tire on his truck after it broke down in the drive-thru lane.

As reported by The Blaze, the employees not only helped the man change out his tire, as opposed to just pushing it out of the way and waiting for AAA to come finish the job, but also replaced his cold food with some fresh, hot food, along with two free cookies.

In a Facebook post, the man, a worship leader named Brian Hall, referred to the employees as “saints” as he described his encounter. “Bunch of saints over at the chickfila in east ridge! My tire somehow went flat in the drive through so they rushed out to replace it for me with their hydraulic Jack,” he said. “They brought my food out to me then after it was done replaced my food with new fresh food so it wouldn’t be cold and put two cookies in there for free! Those people are truly doing the Lord’s work over there!”

Speaking with Fox News, Hall said that the employees took customer service to a whole other level by not only helping him change out his tire but not letting him participate.

“They rushed out when they saw what happened and wouldn’t let me do a thing,” he said. “I am a carpenter and work with my hands a lot, so it was a little funny letting other people do that for me, but they insisted.

“Their kindness was overwhelming in the middle of a somewhat awkward situation,” he continued. “They truly went above and beyond to be Christ-like. And they didn’t even know I am a worship leader because with all of my tattoos I definitely don’t look like one.”

The incident comes as Chick-fil-A faces discrimination in parts of the country, with universities and airports seeking to ban the fast-food chain from doing business due to the founder’s biblical worldview on human sexuality. In this year alone, the chain has been banned from two major airports – San Antonio and Buffalo – and several universities. Most recently, a dean at Rider University resigned from his post when the school banned the fastfood restaurant on campus.

As noted by The Daily Wire, however, the chicken giant just continues to thrive no matter what the Left throws at it, becoming the third biggest fast-food chain in the United States with $10.2 billion in sales while doubling its number of locations since 2007.

To stop the downright bigotry leftists have been directing towards Chick-fil-A, the Texas House even passed a “Save Chick-fil-A” bill to prevent the San Antonio Airport and other venues in the state from banning the restaurant.

Of course, stories such as Hall’s are a common occurrence at Chick-fil-A, such as this one video of an employee running after a customer who forgot their order, or this story about a Chick-fil-A being open on Sunday to feed first responders – not to mention the Chick-fil-A in Orlando that fed the Pulse Nightclub victims.

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