I don’t know about you but ever since 911 (in particular) and the horrible bombings that kill and maim hundreds of people in the name of “God”, I find myself muttering under my breath, “what the H, E, Double-Toothpick is wrong with “these people”. There is no part of my soul that can relate the shredding and killing of innocent people by suicide bombers

And this from a man who is supposed to live in Grace and Forgiveness – a Christian father who has had hundreds of Jews, Gentiles and a half-dozen young Muslims (one who lived under my roof for 11 years) that I have come to know and cherish in my life.

But I do find myself asking the same question almost every time a suicide bomber from “the religion of peace” – why are there not more leaders of that religion speaking up and pushing back on this murderous insanity. Setting aside the massacre of other innocents during the Crusades, The Inquisition and the Pogroms against the Jews way before the Holocaust, how can this possibly be done in the name of God today?

Leave it to that new, young Conservative voice, Candace Owens, herself a victim of vicious and unwarranted attacks, to sit down with an American Imam and talk directly to the questions that I know run through almost every American who is committed to the principles of religious freedom and free speech.

So I watched. I learned something. Actually, more than something. Perhaps you will too?

… and this note: you have to appreciate the irony of an African-American woman, who works for a man of the Jewish faith (Dennis Prager), interviewing a Muslim Imam. It’s right up there with a very young (hey, I’m a senior citizen now) Conservative leader, Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox-practicing Jew, being recently accused of inspiring a stand-alone, one loon, pro-Nazi attack.

So, kick back. Hang with this one. It is a bit longer than bite-size but you are not going to see this anywhere on the mainstream media. We are all hayseed cretins and Candace is an Oreo pariah who does not fit the narrative of the Left Babbleheads, who claim they are committed to free speech and diversity.

Candace is brilliant and a brave young woman and the Imam has something to say that shows some courage, as well. Go for it. Click on this link or the image below.


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