The following is satirical.

President Trump is being accused of circulating a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi with the intent of showing her in a bad light.

The video, for instance, shows Pelosi arriving uninvited at a baby girl’s christening and then declaring that the child will grow up to prick her finger on a spindle and sleep for a hundred years. Critics of the president claim that the video has been subtly modified to show the House Speaker wearing a horned blue-black headpiece at the christening when she only wears her horned blue-black headpiece at official government functions.

In another section of the video, Pelosi is shown losing her temper at a young woman and threatening that she will get her and her little dog too. Pelosi’s staff said the speaker would never say such a thing to a young woman even if the woman did drop a house on her sister and steal her ruby slippers. Some staffers say the vid was obviously doctored because it starts in black and white and then becomes color, although Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says that’s because the first part takes place in Kansas and the second part in Oz, and Kansas is well known to be in black and white.

Pelosi herself says the video’s audio has been tampered with to make her sound as if her words are disjointed and irrational. She privately told reporters, “The only time I have ever spoken in such a confused manner is after I accidentally parked my car in the capital rotunda because I thought it was the Potomac and I was trying to take the shortcut to work. In fact, I am perfectly rational, if I’m the person I think I am, and if I’m not, could you please find her and give her cab fare so I can get home.”

Trump says he will soon release a new video which either shows Pelosi summoning demons from the bowels of the earth or chatting with Chuck Schumer. It’s difficult to tell which.

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