These sure are boom times for the psychiatry industry.

Wearing hot bubble gum pink, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared last week she is so worried about President Trump’s mental state that she is actually praying for him. It takes a lot to make a rabid abortion enthusiast like her kneel in prayer.

With an eye twitch and a brain spasm, Mrs. Pelosi accused the president of throwing a “temper tantrum” during a meeting with Democrats. She urged Mr. Trump’s family and the members of his administration to stage an “intervention.”

This, after two years in which it was Mrs. Pelosi and her team of fraud dogs who have been living an extravagant fantasy in which Mr. Trump is accused of colluding with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election. Having proven incapable of beating Mr. Trump at the polls, the endless investigation was intended to remove him from office by other means.

Mrs. Pelosi’s coup failed

Last week, Mr. Trump called the speaker “crazy” after she refused to give up clinging to her party’s fantasy about how Mr. Trump stole the 2016 election. In past elections, Democrats have worked feverishly to woo so-called “low information” voters. Today, they are going whole hog after “no information” voters, hoping to fill empty minds with wild political fantasies, some of them involving urination and hookers in a Moscow hotel.

Zeroing in on Mrs. Pelosi’s alarming tendency toward eye twitches, mental pauses, and 1,000-yard stares during speeches, Mr. Trump observed: “She’s a mess.”

Perhaps it is not exactly “presidential” of him to wallow in questions about the House speaker’s sanity. But, then again, it is far less presidential — and enormously damaging to the Republic — for Mrs. Pelosi and other high elected officials in the Democratic Party to make up outlandish claims to slur the president.

All the while, using it as a pretense to refuse to get any actual work done.

If you find all of this hard to follow at home or — more likely — simply do not give a flying crap, then you are not alone. Nor are you crazy. You are not the one who has lost his or her mind.

The great and calming voice of the late Dr. Charles Krauthammer has been silent not quite a year, yet it is sorely missed now more than ever. Never have we needed such wise counsel to bring perspective to all the lunacy.

America needs a good shrink right now.

Surely, Dr. Krauthammer would counsel more “wine, women and song.”

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