Jenni Monet, a self-styled “award-winning journalist” and Native American activist, claimed she was racially profiled both at a liquor store and by responding police officers and was the victim of police brutality. But released surveillance video from the night of her arrest for aggravated DWI in Santa Fe, New Mexico, captures the other side of the story, which includes Monet making obscene gestures at liquor store employees and screaming obscenities at law enforcement.

Court documents obtained by KRQE News 13 say the journalist was turned away by a liquor store in Santa Fe when she tried to buy two bottles of wine while allegedly appearing to be drunk.

According to surveillance video obtained by the news network, Monet pulls up to the store and goes inside, but is refused service. “She then went back out to her car before she went back inside, and started screaming and making obscene gestures toward the staff.”

After the encounter, both Monet and the employees at the liquor store called authorities.

Footage from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, which was also obtained by KRQE News 13, captured the activist’s seemingly belligerent behavior.

After Monet denies that she’s been drinking to a deputy, he asked the woman, “How come I can smell a really strong odor of alcohol?”

“I don’t know. I’ve not been drinking,” Monet answered.

The woman said she was racially profiled by staff at the liquor store. “How were they racially profiling you is what I’m trying to get at?” the deputy asked.

“Because I’m a brown woman,” she responded. “Do you not see that?”

Things heated up when Monet refused to take a sobriety test.

“I’m not walking any f***ing line for you. You hear me?” she is heard yelling on video. “I am not walking any f***ing line for you.”

As the officers cuff Monet, she repeatedly screams, “Police brutality!”

Then more insults and accusations come: “You f***ing fat-fingered f***!” and “You f***ing racist motherf***er. You f***ing white supremacist!”

During the encounter with authorities, Monet reportedly “told the deputies multiple times that she’s an award-winning journalist and to ‘look [her] up,'” KRQE News 13 reported.

Still, Monet is sticking to her story, and has even threatened to sue KRQE News 13 for their coverage of the story. The news outlet has disclosed that Monet worked for their organization some 20 years ago, but has not since had any affiliation with KRQE.

“I am one of a majority of people who are victimized by this kind of racial profiling that exists on a daily basis,” Monet told KRQE News 13 after speaking at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe.

“Neither was I drinking or driving at the time, and we’re confident that the evidence that stands in my favor will vindicate me,” she continued. “The fact that I’m an award-winning journalist and that I said that to these officers, and they didn’t even run an ID check on me or check my name, or even validate the fact that I had called them for help …” Monet added.


H/t Andy Ngo

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