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The one reason is plain to see …

Ever since the Mueller report was submitted to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, the left and its media allies have been in an uproar over its findings and how Barr treated the section on obstruction. They’ve been unable to shift the narrative about obstruction and impeachment to get the American people to buy in. Enter Robert Mueller to save the day with a sound bite.

The given reason by Mueller for his televised statement Wednesday was that he is wrapping up and resigning and will let his report speak for itself. Except that’s not all he did. He also gave the media the video clip it craved that will drive the news cycle for days.

After rehashing that he did not make a determination of innocence regarding obstruction, Mueller uttered these 25 words, “And second, the opinion says that the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.”

In his new book “Unfreedom of the Press,” LevinTV host Mark Levin exposed the media practice of manufacturing stories by getting others to say things that will drive a narrative. Mueller has delivered for the media, big time, and they’ve run with the ball.

The headline on CNN as I write this newsletter is, “2020 Democrats seek impeachment hearings after Mueller speaks.” With a smaller headline, “Calls for impeachment are growing after the special counsel addressed the public with a rare statement.”

And the leaders of the left are following suit, like the new soul of the Democratic Party, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who said of Mueller’s 25 words, “Mueller is playing a game of Taboo with Congress. His word is ‘impeach.’

Back to Levin: He has been predicting this charade for nearly two years. In June 2017, Levin said, “Mr. Mueller may be investigating individuals and so forth, but his purpose for being unleashed against the president of the United States is to make the case for impeachment, not indictment.”

Because the media couldn’t make that case without a new sound bite, Mueller strode to the stage Wednesday to give them one. The entire reason for the Mueller investigation was to undo the results of the 2016 election.

Today, Mueller handed off the impeachment ball to the media. The media is now running with it.

Chris Cuomo’s middle finger to American women …

On Wednesday morning, NRATV released a video statement by Kim Corban, who said, “I’m a mother of two, and if a predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first.” The video also recounts Corban’s story of her rape. CNN host Chris Cuomo quote tweeted the story with, “Only in America.”

“Only in America?” What does that even mean? Is he upset that “only in America” are women allowed to defend themselves?

Corban responded with, “Hi @ChrisCuomo. Looks like you forgot to tag me. Care to chat about this?”

So far there have been crickets from Cuomo. Why would he want to have a powerful woman with her own agency on to share how to protect yourself from rape?

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