On “The Andrew Klavan Show” Wednesday, the host attempts to bring some clarity to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s emphatically unclear “clarifying” comments on his final report. Video and partial transcript below.

Essentially what he’s saying is, “If it weren’t for the regulations, we would’ve charged, and it’s not fair to charge him without trying him, and now I’m charging him.” I mean, that is really what he’s saying. This is the investigator, this is the special counsel, this guy has authority when he speaks. This is a very, very strange thing for him to do. It is almost impossible for me to not see this in connection with Donald Trump’s allowing Barr to declassify information about how this investigation started. This does seem like a bit of running defense. And the other thing is, I think acts — this is true with Comey too, I dont’ think Comey meant to put Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton campaign in a jackpot the way he did, but this puts the Democrats in a big jackpot. Because now the Democrats, the forces in the Democratic caucus that want to impeach, are now supercharged. Because I just don’t see how you can hear what he just said and not hear him saying that this was not the legal process, the legal process was not supposed to deal with obstruction of justice. But impeachment would be the way to deal with that. I don’t hear… figure out how you cannot hear him saying that.

So now Nancy Pelosi, who’s been like Ben-Hur on the chariot trying to keep this impeachment chariot from running around the track because I don’t think she thinks it’s a very good political idea, with the economy doing so well, with us at peace, with the country doing well. Does the country really want to watch the Democrats impeach Donald Trump when they know it can go nowhere because the Senate is gonna spit in their eye. Remember they need to get 2/3rds vote in the Senate, and there’s no chance of that. So it’s actually like they’re basically going to go through this thing, they’re going to tear the country apart, they’re going to set us all against each other, they’re going to give the newsmen stuff to talk about, the whole treason brigade is gonna be out there shouting at Trump again, and then it’s gonna be like yeah, nothing, forget it, get out.

Do they really think they can pull that off? Well maybe they can figure out a way to do it. Listen, just because it didn’t work when the Republicans did it to Clinton, doesn’t mean it won’t work now. Trump obviously thinks it’s a great idea. He’s waiting, he’s goading them, he’s waiting for them to do it. And now, it seems to me that Mueller put them in a position where that side of the caucus is going to be much much more powerful.

Finally, the last thing Mueller said is, “Screw you guys. I’m out of here. My report was my mic drop. I’m gone.” I think he did add this little bit of a bombshell which is no bombshell whatsoever because it contradicts a lot of what’s actually in the report. And it not only contradicts what’s in the report, it contradicts what Barr said he said. The investigation, and the IG investigation, it’s not just the John Durham investigation, in which Trump has said Barr can declassify stuff and Durham is a guy who studies dirty cops, as Seb Gorka put it yesterday so politely. And of course the IG investigation, Horowitz, he has got a great reputation, so that’s gonna proceed.

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