Alabama state Sen. Garlan Gudger says that pro-abortion activists threatened to rape his wife over his support of the state’s new abortion ban.

What are the details?

In an interview on Alabama Public Television, Gudger revealed that activists have threatened his family.

Gudger, who has been a vocal supporter of the state’s new abortion ban, has said that “abortion is murder” and that unborn children deserves protections “even in the most difficult of circumstances.”

“It’s been tough dealing with the balancing of my wife and my children being attacked,” Gudger told Alabama Public Television
“Capitol Journal” host Don Dailey during the discussion. “I obviously don’t like that part. No one should be attacked or threatened with harm for a difference of opinion. But overall, I’m doing well, besides that.”

Gudger revealed that social media trolls have reached out to his teenage son through the internet, while other activists have told his wife that “they were going to break into our house and rape and do other things to her.”

Gudger said that the threats have been a source of stress and concern in his household, and revealed that he isn’t the only pro-life lawmaker to receive such threats.

“A lot of the other colleagues on the floor the same way,” he added. “It’s something we have to deal with, and we’re dealing with it.”

Gudger also said that despite the threats, he has no intention of changing his position on abortion.

What else?

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed the strict pro-life bill into law last week.

In a statement following her signing of the bill, Ivey said, “To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.”

(H/T: LifeSiteNews)

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