Is President Donald Trump impeachable? On Wednesday’s episode of “The News & Why it Matters,” Sara Gonzales, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Jason Howerton highlighted the impeachment process and discussed whether or not impeachment was an appropriate response to allegations that President Trump lied about having suggested special counsel Robert Mueller be fired from the Russian collusion investigation.

“What impeachment is, is do the American people feel that the president betrayed them,” Glenn explained. “They will not feel that way if the economy continues this way — they feel that this is really unfair and you’ve gone too far.”

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According to Glenn, Democrats approached impeachment in a way that sought to compel the American people to want justice served for the specific lie that Mueller cited in his statement on Wednesday.

Using the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton as an example, Stu explained that because Clinton lied under oath about his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Clinton perjured himself and lost the trust of the American people which prompted the impeachment process. He added that because Trump was not under oath when he allegedly lied, a crime had not been committed.

Glenn explained that the American people had long since accepted that Trump would not be completely honest during his presidency and that as long as the economy is doing well, Americans do not care about a lie he told about an action that never transpired. Watch Mueller’s full statement here for more details.

The clip ends with Glenn who made the most important point of all, that Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for political reasons rather than for criminal implications.

“When it comes to impeachment, it is not criminal, it is political. When it comes to impeachment, the people have already accepted his lies,” Glenn said.

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