On Friday’s radio program, Glenn Beck compared recent leftist arguments that aborting babies with disabilities is the compassionate thing to do with pamphlets from Nazi Germany that promoted the same message.

Glenn played a video clip of CNN’s Alisyn Camerota speaking with Republican Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill over his state’s proposed pro-life law, which would prohibit abortions based on race, sex, or disability.

“Indiana had tried to block women from getting abortions, if it were based on a disability. And I’m just curious about that one. Why would you want a family to have to have a child with a severe disability?” Camerota asked.

Glenn compared Camerota’s comments to two Nazi propaganda pamphlets.

“I found them last week,” Glenn said of the pamphlets. “They’re both from Germany. And the first one is [about] children with disabilities. And it says, translated, ‘Sterilization is not a punishment, but liberation. What parents would like to wish their children such a horrible wish. Who wants to be guilty of this?’ That’s exactly what Alison was saying. Who wants to be guilty of this? Who wants to put the child or parent through this?”

He read the second pamphlet, which translated to “You also carry the burden. Someone with disease will cost the average 50,000 Reich marks before he reaches 60 years” and showed a German worker holding up two disabled people.

“We’re going to find out that those with disabilities are the ones who are far greater than we are,” said Glenn.

Watch the video below to get the details:

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