President Trump will be visiting the United Kingdom on Monday and will enjoy a state visit with her royal highness, Queen Elizabeth II, and most of the royal family. Absent from the proceedings will be Meghan Markle, the American Duchess of Sussex, and though her current maternity leave is the expressed reason, her past comments on President Trump have led some to speculate whether it was a direct snub.

Now that Meghan has joined the royal family, protocol dictates she refrain from speaking politics in both public and private; prior to that, however, she was an avowed progressive who endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Speaking on “The Nightly Show” with Larry Wilmore, Markle even denounced Trump as misogynistic.

“It’s really the moment I go. We film ‘Suits’ in Toronto and I might just stay in Canada,” she said at the time. “Yes, of course, Trump is divisive, think about female voters alone, right? I think it was in 2012 the Republican Party lost the female vote by 12 points. That is a huge number and with as misogynistic as Trump is, and so vocal about it, that is a huge chunk of it.”

She added, “You’re not just voting for a woman if it’s Hillary (Clinton). Yes, you’re voting because she’s a woman, but certainly, because Trump has made it easy to see that you don’t really want that kind of world that he’s painting.”

Speaking with The Sun, President Trump expressed surprise over Meghan Markle’s past “nasty” comments about him during the 2016 election.

“I didn’t know that. What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Markle also joined the choir of celebrities threatening to move to Canada if Trump won in 2016. To that, Trump replied, “A lot of people are moving here (to the US).”

In a way, Markle is the only celebrity on record known to have kept her promise if Trump beat Hillary in 2016, being that she moved to the U.K. after marrying Prince Harry.

When informed that he would not be meeting with Meghan Markle during his visit to the U.K. next week, President Trump said, “I didn’t know that. I hope she is OK.”

Despite that, President Trump did not attack Meghan Markle and even said she would make a “very good” American princess.

“I am sure she will do excellently. She will be very good. I hope she does (succeed),” he said.

Though President Trump will not be meeting with Meghan Markle, he will be meeting with Prince Charles, who differs with president on climate change.

“I have met Charles before. I like Charles. I think that’s very good. We will be talking. I can say we have among the cleanest climate in the world right now,” Trump told The Sun. “Our air and water are doing very well. We hope other countries can do so well. You know, it is a big atmosphere and frankly if one country is going to be bad and other countries going to be good, the country that is good gets penalized. Which is unfair.”

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