On Monday’s episode of “Dear America,” host Graham Allen called out Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) after the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful posted an intentionally misleading statistic about gun-related deaths on Twitter Sunday.

“That is blatantly dishonest, and I want to explain that to you,” Graham said. “Because the left wants you to think that there were 40,000 people who died due to mass shootings … because they want to push their agenda on gun control.”

Graham highlighted the statistic’s glaring omission.

“What they blatantly leave out, on purpose, is that two-thirds of those deaths were due to suicide,” he said, emphasizing that it was not his intention to downplay the tragedy of suicide but to demonstrate the way the information had been presented to be misleading.

He compared the much-touted gun-death statistics to the rarely talked about statistics on abortion.

“The same people who want you to get rid of guns because of 40,000 gun-related deaths in 2018 … are pushing abortion rights, when over 70,000 babies were murdered in Florida alone last year,” said Graham. “So, you wanna come at me with some blatantly B.S. statistic that you lie about and try to tell me that you care about people when all you really care about is disarming America?”

Watch the video excerpt from Graham’s show below to catch more of the conversation:

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