On Friday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” the host discusses how baby Saby, the world’s smallest newborn, destroys the Left’s argument in favor of abortion. Video and partial transcript below.

The world’s tiniest baby has been born. This is wonderful. The baby weighs basically nothing, twenty-three weeks old born and has survived, a wonderful feel-good story. Obviously, this raises some serious questions about the abortion discussion that we’ve been having for weeks because, in many states in this country, that baby could be killed. And in many states in this country, people deny that that baby is a baby, but the baby was born, and the baby is now alive. And this is how the mainstream media covers it.

NBC News: “Tonight, an amazing announcement from San Diego. What doctors are calling the world’s tiniest surviving baby, just eight point six ounces when she was born prematurely at twenty-three weeks. Well after five months in intensive care the little girl named, Saby, is now healthy and she’s headed home. And we are so happy for her family.”

Only 8.6 ounces, half a pound. This baby apparently was the size of an apple, born at twenty-three weeks and now going home happy, healthy, alive. Good thing for that baby that baby wasn’t born in Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, or Virginia, to parents who wanted to kill it because if that had been the case she would be dead. It wouldn’t even be admitted that she was a baby.

In all of those states in the country, you can kill babies who are at least as old if not significantly older than that baby. And those states want to pretend that the baby isn’t a baby, but you just heard it. You just saw it — the baby is a baby. This should end the abortion debate. Those pictures should end the abortion debate, or at least what they should do in the abortion debate is take it into honest terms.

Naomi Wolf in the mid-90s came out and said abortion rights mean that we need to kill the baby in all of its humanity in order to have equality for men and women. At least she was honest, what people who support abortion at 23 weeks need to say is — they look at that little baby and say, “You should die because of my political ideology. My political ideology means that you must be killed.” That’s just the cost of it. That’s the end of the argument. That certainly should be the end of the argument. We’ll see what those states do on abortion. Something tells me they’re not going to be protecting babies anytime soon.

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