Conservative comedian Steven Crowder published a video Monday apologizing for the many insults he had issued against various pop culture and political figures after a campaign of organized outrage over “homophobic” jabs at a left-wing journalist.

The BlazeTV host, and YouTube star came under fire when Vox reporter Carlos Maza compiled a video of remarks Crowder had made against him, highlighting “repeated, overt attacks” on Maza’s “sexual orientation and ethnicity.”

On Friday, the twitter account for YouTube indicated that they were investigating the claims from Maza that Crowder had violated their “anti-harassment” policy.

Crowder responded with a humorous video, also published on YouTube, with a long list of insults he had made in the past.

“I apologize to the Palestinian people for stating that they were a backwards people from an imaginary country that never really existed because none of the Muslims wanted you,” Crowder said in the video. “Palestine, I’m sorry.”

The list included Joe Biden, Planned Parenthood, Bruce Lee and his fans, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, Bernie Sanders, Fox News anchor Bret Baier, among many, many others.

“I apologize to the Drag Queen Storytime, for trampling on what was solely intended to be an educational and family-friendly experience at the Houston Public Library, with sex offenders,” Crowder says at one point.

“Also apologies to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” he says, “for implying that she couldn’t stand up on her own two feet, that she coughed up a lung on more than one occasion, for stating that she covered up her husband’s rapes, and for circulating both mean-spirited and unconfirmed rumors that she was both Huma [Abedin]’s lover and a practicing witch.”

Crowder apologized to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for a sketch that “equates AOC with a bug-eyed cartoon too stupid to form cogent thoughts, and may perhaps suffer from early onset dementia, which I now know is no laughing matter ever.”

Maza responded to the video from his Twitter account, saying that Crowder was snubbing his nose at YouTube’s policies.

“Steven Crowder just published a 20-minute fake apology video, where he gratuitously repeats every gross thing he’s done on his show, making a joke out of it,” Maza tweeted.

“He’s daring @YouTube to do something about it,” he concluded, “knowing full well they won’t actually enforce their policies.”

Here’s the video of Crowder’s lengthy apology:

I’m Sorry

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