When you play golf, you wear a hat. When you wear a hat, you get “hathead.” When you get hathead, you put some water on your hair, comb it straight back and proceed with your day.

That’s what President Trump did on Sunday, and it nearly destroyed the internet.

Matt Drudge bannered the “story” with the headline: “TRUMP FRESH LOOK TO MEET QUEEN.”

Gone was the trademark bouffant of wispy yellow hair, replaced with the slicked-back look often sported by his son, Donald Trump Jr.

But it wasn’t a “FRESH LOOK” to meet the Queen (later on Sunday, Trump and first lady Melania, along with many of the Trump children, flew to London for an official state visit and other events surrounding the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion). On his way back from the golf course, Trump stopped at a mega-church in McLean, Va., to visit with the pastor and pray for the victims of Friday’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

Social media immediately blew up.

“[N]atural hair Trump looks like old Biff from Back to the Future 2 and that ruined my whole week and it’s only Sunday,” wrote one user.

Some, though, thought it looked better. Gina B wrote on Twitter: “I hope he keeps his hair slicked back. Much better.” Michael Portland Ross tweeted: “Trump’s hair looked way better at that church in Virginia than I have ever seen it look.

Another Twitterer wrote: “Trump takes off his cap and reveals his non comb over hair for the first time. And of course it actually looks better.​”

Another posted a side-by-side with Trump and Biff.

Others — including longtime Trump haters — were forced to actually compliment the guy. “I’m no trump apologist, I hate him, but I like the hat hair look better than his normal flamboyant birds nest. Makes him somehow look more humble. Hes still a moronic orange buffoon, but I didnt HATE it. That’s a 1st. Holy s[**]t, I need an intervention. I just complimented tRump,” one wrote.

By midday Monday, with Trump in London with his regular coif, the hair-raising story was replaced with a new one. “‘Did Donald Trump fistbump the Queen?’: Twitter goes wild over President’s delicate handshake with Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace,” wrote The Daily Mail.

“US President Donald Trump appeared to deliver an unusual handshake upon the meeting the Queen. Some remarked that his holding of the monarch’s hand looked at first in photographs like a fist bump. But he actually seemed to clench her hand rather than shaking it with a flat hand,” the Mail wrote.

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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