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Get him …

On Saturday, the Daily Beast reported that it found the guy who had the temerity to upload a video of Nancy Pelosi to Facebook. The outlet then proceeded to doxx him by giving the President Donald Trump supporter’s name, occupation, town, and criminal record for all the world to see. This is just the latest attempt by the media to intimidate Trump supporters by doxxing them.

The Daily Beast claims the man uploaded two videos. One was clipped, and the other was allegedly slowed down. It is the slowed-down video that the Daily Beast and others in the media relied on to justify the article.

The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief, Noah Shachtman, appeared on CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” program. Stelter fed him softball after softball and agreed with his arguments. At one point, Stelter tried to say that, because the man got about $1,000 in ad revenue from Facebook, there was a “monetary motivation.” Shachtman said that no, the man actually likes Trump.

Big League Politics writes that the reporter who did the doxxing spent five years in jail and is a convicted felon. That didn’t stop Facebook from working with him on this doxxing, according to the Daily Beast.

This whole affair is reminiscent of the time CNN sent a reporter to a elderly woman’s house to put her on television for having the temerity to share a post about Trump on Facebook. This time, however, the target of the media’s derision plans to sue.

There were some lefties who were also taken aback by this story. But for the majority of the left, you will toe its line or you will be outed for all the world to see.

Wild mischaracterization …

Another “controversy” raising its head over the weekend is over audio of Trump saying, “No, I didn’t know that she [Meghan Markle] was nasty.” And then Trump “denying” that he called Markle “nasty.” As TheBlaze’s Caleb Howe pointed out on Sunday, when you see the full context of the quote, it is obvious that Trump was saying Markle’s comments toward him were “nasty.”

But that didn’t stop the media from full-bore attacking the president. And, of course, CNN was the worst offender in its mischaracterizations, selectively editing the clip.

This fit nicely into Stelter’s obsession with Trump. Stelter noted in his Sunday email he wouldn’t have mentioned it on his TV show “until Trump tried gaslighting everyone.” He even said it was shades of George Orwell. The only people acting like George Orwell in this whole kerfuffle are CNN and other media outlets.

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