On Monday, the BBC decided to insult President Trump, taunting his state visit by setting up a Trump baby blimp on their set. Despite the fact that Trump has personally said the blimp makes him “feel unwelcome,” the BBC told Business Insider that the presence of the blimp was justified “given the widespread protests across the UK at Trump’s state visit.”

As The San Francisco Chronicle reported, on the Victoria Derbyshire chat show, the host interviewed the woman who supervised the use of the blimp at a protest while the blimp floated near them on the set. The Chronicle notes that the BBC Charter states the BBC must remain impartial.

A BBC spokesperson told Business Insider:

We featured a smaller version of the blimp in the studio to illustrate the protests due to take place and highlight one of the points of controversy about whether the blimp should be allowed to fly. It appeared as part of an interview with protester Anna Vickerstaff who is one of the organisers behind the blimp and Daniel Mcelhinney from Trump UK, a group of people who support the president. Given the widespread protests across the UK at Trump’s state visit, it’s appropriate to be covering this topic.

Last July, the 20-foot tall version of the balloon was floated in Parliament Square in London when President Trump visited there. When Trump was informed that the blimp would be there to greet him, he told The Sun, “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London. I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?”

According to The Stop Trump Coalition, the blimp will be flown on Tuesday again in Parliament Square while Trump meets British Prime Minister Theresa May at St. James’ Palace.

The BBC’s relentless anti-Trump campaign has featured the network’s website sniping, “Quiz: Could you pass Trump’s brain test?” after the President’s A1 health report. The BBC wrote, “Take a similar cognitive test to Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump has shown no abnormal signs following a cognitive exam and is in excellent health, his White House doctor says. But what sort of questions was he asked? See if you can answer them all.” The very first insulting question showed a picture of a clock reading 11:10 followed by the question, “What time is it on the clock?” The BBC offered four choices: Eleven minutes past ten; ten past eleven; ten past ten, and two minutes past eleven.

Another example: the BBC’s James Cook wrote an op-ed in December 2017 accusing Trump of “promoting fascism.” He wrote, “Did American soldiers fight and die on the beaches of Normandy so their president could promote fascism?’ He added, Mr.Trump is far from the first president to diverge from the democratic ideals of the United States, but in doing so as brazenly, as often, and in such a racially and religiously charged manner, he fosters division at home and imperils his country’s reputation abroad. The flame of American idealism, which shone so brightly from my book of speeches, is guttering.”

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