On Tuesday’s episode of “Rant Nation,” host Graham Allen had a few harsh words for critics of David Platt, the pastor who prayed with President Donald Trump on stage following the mass killing in Virginia Beach last week.

“This pastor who prayed for our president has come under fire because apparently Christians within the congregation were horrified that he would pray for the president,” Graham said. “What kind of Christians would get upset about praying for anyone?

“Let me explain something to you,” he continued. “Whether you’re a Christian or not, our president is the leader of our country. Think of it like an airplane: he’s the pilot and we’re sitting on the plane that is America. If you don’t support the president and you don’t want the president to succeed, that’s like wanting the pilot of the plane you’re on to crash the freakin’ plane!”

Graham added that any Christian who would complain about a pastor praying for someone they don’t like politically has “no idea what being a Christian is actually about.”

“The next time somebody prays for you, I hope people don’t … [say] you’re not worthy of being prayed for,” he said. “I guess that whole ‘do unto others’ thing and ‘do not judge lest you be judged’ thing must only apply to other people and not you, because you’re perfect, and God forbid you pray for the president of the United States.”

Watch Graham’s rant in the video below:

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