An eighteen-year-old British girl whose mother works as a “sex worker” says she’s proud of her mom for the work she does.

Marie Rose, the daughter of Charlotte Rose, 38, who won the “British Erotic Award for Sex Worker of the Year” in 2013, discovered at age 12 what her mother has done for a living since her mother was 17. She says now, ““I was just really proud of her; it put a smile on my face because I knew she was doing good for other people and I was always accepting of it,” according to The Sun.

The Sun reports, “Initially Charlotte said she ‘brought comfort’ to people, and while she does sleep with clients – charging £100-an-hour — some just want some company.”

Marie said her mother is a “role model” and an “inspiration,” adding that her friends ask her mother for relationship advice. She said, “It really upsets me that people don’t respect it as an actual career because it’s so much hard work, there’s so much admin that goes into it that people wouldn’t have the patience for.” Marie stated that she doesn’t have the “patience” to have a career like her mother’s.

In September 2014, Charlotte Rose said she would challenge Douglas Carswell and Giles Watling for a seat in Parliament. Carswell won the seat by a huge margin. Rose stated her objectives like this:

My main policy is about sexual freedom, taking control away from others. I also want there to be better sexual education in schools. Schools are not obliged to teach advanced sex and relationship education, which can deal with issues such as porn addiction and intimacy issues. Today’s politicians have a lack of knowledge and understanding about what’s really happening. Sex and relationships are second to survival when it comes to basic human needs. I’m dead against trafficking of women, but a large amount of women also choose to be sex workers – we do this work because we enjoy it. We want to help people learn and gain knowledge and skills.’

She added, “It’s appalling that people and government are too scared to take action. All politicians talk about family values, but how can they do that without talking about sex.”

In December Rose organized a “face-sitting” protest outside Britain’s parliament. She said:

For the new anti-porn regulations censor people without consent. Nobody has the right to take away peoples personal liberties or personal choice. If we don’t speak out now, more and more amendments are going to be added to existing laws taking our personal rights away …That’s why I will be there with hundreds of others today to say loud and clear: “If we want your protection, we’ll ask for it.”

And that’s not all we’ll be saying. This is our personal liberty the government keeps violating. It is a fight for nothing less than our sexual freedom. The face-sitting world record is intended to show unity and passion towards sexual freedom: because if sexual freedom is the right of sexual expression, then this is expression at its best and most powerful.

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