A CNN panel of political analysts criticized former Vice President Joe Biden over a hefty mistake made by his campaign that reminded many of a previous campaign-ending blunder.

“This is a pretty amateur mistake for the front-runner’s campaign to make, on a substantial policy roll-out, when they had to know, when team Biden got together planning to announce his campaign, the one thing they cannot do is plagiarize,” said John King in the introduction to the segment.

Biden was facing criticism from his left for reports that he was seeking a compromise in climate change debate, but when he tried to put out his policy to placate his critics, he lifted passages from other plans without attribution.

Biden’s first presidential campaign in 1988 imploded after various instances of plagiarism surfaced.

“Supposed to be a campaign a-team, this was not an A performance,” commented King, who pointed out that the Biden campaign used the exact same excuse for the current charges as he did 31 years ago.

“It shows a bit of a lack of forethought, I suppose is the polite way of saying it,” commented Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjian. “I guess the worst case scenario, is potentially a little bit too much arrogance that you can just do this and not have anyone look at you.”

“It’s lazy, or arrogant,” added King.

“I’ll call this a style issue, although this is a leadership issue, this is a competence issue, he wants to be president of the United States, this is a leadership and competence issue,” King continued.

“You can’t do this stuff, you just can’t,” he concluded. “You do it in our business, you get fired.”

Here’s the scathing segment from CNN:

CNN’s John King calls out Biden for ‘amateur’ mistake


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