Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan has taken on a special 90-day assignment with Sinclair Broadcast Group’s “Full Measure” to give a first-hand account of the immigration crisis along the U.S.- Mexico border.

She joined Glenn Beck on Wednesday’s radio show to report on what’s really going on at our southern border and to debunk the liberal narrative that U.S. Border Patrol agents are a bunch of “evil white men who are trying to stop people coming into this country.”

“What are the important stories that we’re not hearing?” Glenn asked Lara.

“What people leave out of the narrative is that this is almost like a theater. It’s a performance, not for the people who are living it, because they are pawns, but it’s a theater for the cartel. Yes, they make an enormous amount of money out of all the people that cross,” Logan said.

“They have professional human smuggling operations, human trafficking organizations that are global who do the smuggling for them,” she continued. “The Mexican cartel decides who crosses, where they cross, and when they cross.”

Logan explained that there are three main Mexican cartels: Sinaloa Cartel, Gulf Cartel, and del Noreste (formerly Los Zetas,) and described how they use multiple large groups of immigrants and numerous crossing points to split the Border Patrol’s resources and overwhelm facilities.

“In one tiny little town on the border in Texas, on the Rio Grande Valley, they have Border Patrol facilities that are built to house a maximum of 115 people. Last weekend, they had over 1,100 … and that’s just one weekend. This has been going on for months and months and months,” she said.

Logan debunked the liberal media’s narrative that conservatives, particularly those in Texas, are “racist rednecks” who don’t care about immigrant people. She said the reality is the very opposite, that most people are doing everything they can to help these immigrants, but that Border Patrol facilities, churches and local shelters have run out of capacity and resources.

“There’s another really important thing that gets left out of the narrative,” Lara added. “Which is that a large majority of Border Control agents are Hispanic-Americans…. It’s not just these evil white men who are trying to stop people coming into this country. It’s not that at all. In fact it’s much more complex. And in some of these towns the vast majority of the people who live there are Hispanic-Americans.

“It’s very different to what people say it is from a distance,” she noted. “The reality is not like that at all, and I have yet to meet anyone who wants these people to suffer or who is deliberately cruel to people.”

Catch more of the conversation in the video below:

Lara Logan: The crisis on the border is a ‘heater for the cartel

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