Multiple Trump supporters were attacked on Tuesday by far-left activists in London during President Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K.

Yahoo News UK reported that one elderly man “was violently pushed to the ground during an anti-Trump protest in London’s Parliament Square” while shouting “Donald Trump not welcome here.”


Another elderly Trump supporter was “attacked with a milkshake by a group chanting ‘Nazi scum’ at the same protest.”


Separately, London police “herded a small group of Trump supporters into a Trafalgar Square pub Tuesday after they were surrounded by demonstrators chanting ‘Nazi scum off our streets,'” Fox News reported. “Clashes between pro and anti-Trump protesters were reported on the second day of the president’s state visit to the U.K. Police said they barricaded about 20 pro-Trump supporters inside the Lord Moon of the Mall pub for their own safety, according to The Independent which reported no arrests.”

This all came as a backdrop to anti-Semitic British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Tuesday demonizing Trump.

“Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon delivered a firebrand speech to anti-Donald Trump protesters in London – obliquely accusing the President of ‘creating a sense of hate’ and fostering racism,” The Daily Mail reported. “Mr. Corbyn raged at the US President in a frothing speech at Parliament Square – condemning him for treating refugees like ‘enemies’, ignoring climate change, and trying to exploit the NHS for profit. In a message that will delight his hard-Left acolytes, he insisted Mr Trump had ‘no answers’ on how to create ‘peace and justice’.”

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