The organized campaign to ban Steven Crowder from YouTube has failed after the social media platform tweeted Tuesday that the conservative comedian had not violated their community standards.

Vox writer Carlos Maza demanded that YouTube take action against the BlazeTV host, and asked his followers to flag his videos as abusive in order to get him banned. Crowder had targeted Maza and his videos for ridicule and mockery over their liberal bias.

On Monday, Crowder posted a humorous video where he offered an apology to a lengthy list of political and pop culture figures that he had insulted in the past. Maza did not find it as humorous.

On Tuesday, YouTube responded from their Twitter account.

“Our teams spent the last few days conducting an in-depth review of the videos flagged to us, and while we found language that was clearly hurtful, the videos as posted don’t violate our policies. We’ve included more info below to explain this decision,” they tweeted.

“As an open platform, it’s crucial for us to allow everyone–from creators to journalists to late-night TV hosts–to express their opinions w/in the scope of our policies. Opinions can be deeply offensive, but if they don’t violate our policies, they’ll remain on our site,” the statement continued.

“Even if a video remains on our site, it doesn’t mean we endorse/support that viewpoint,” the statement concluded. “There are other aspects of the channel that we’re still evaluating– we’ll be in touch with any further updates.”

Maza responded angrily at their decision.

“I don’t know what to say,” he tweeted. “@YouTube has decided not to punish Crowder, after he spent two years harassing me for being gay and Latino. I don’t know what to say.”

That’s an absolutely batsh*t policy that gives bigots free license,” he added in another tweet.

Maza called out to LGBT creators to leave YouTube, and demanded that LGBT employees who worked for YouTube quit their jobs.

“They’re trotting you out to convince advertisers that their platform hasn’t become a breeding ground for hate speech and bigotry,” Maza said. “They’re hoping you’ll distract advertisers away from the monsters they’re creating.”

He noted that it was Pride month, and called for action against YouTube.

“It’s a platform for monsters masquerading as an ally to the LGBT people they target,” he tweeted.

“It’s going to get so much worse now,” Maza concluded. “@YouTube has publicly stated that racist and homophobic abuse doesn’t violate their anti-bullying policies. Crowder and his allies are going to be emboldened. I genuinely can’t imagine what LGBT employees at YouTube are doing right now.”

Crowder had an uncharacteristically brief response:

Here’s Crowder talking about the Maza controversy:

VOX is Trying to Ban This Channel… | Louder with Crowder

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