A new report substantiates warnings that the weak enforcement at the U.S.-Mexico border could make Americans vulnerable to groups like ISIS plotting terror attacks.

The study from the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism documents a plot intended to send a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship with Trinidad through smuggling routes from Mexico into the United States.

Abu Henricki admitted that ISIS wanted him to travel the route along with other Trinidadians according to the report.

“The plan came from someone from the New Jersey state of America,” Henricki said.

“I was going to take the boat from Puerto Rico into Mexico,” he explained. “He was going to smuggle me in.”

Henricki says the plot involved financial targets that would plunge the U.S. into economic crisis.

He claims that he refused to participate in the plot and was imprisoned and tortured by the group, who also subjected his wife to psychological torture.

“ISIS has organized plots in Europe with returnees so it seems entirely plausible that they wanted to send guys out to attack,” said Anne Speckhard, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University.

Speckhard, who co-conducted the study, warned that although the plot Henricki identified was no longer active, it served as a warning about the porous southern border.

“This plot is likely dead as those who were pressured to join it are according to Abu Henricki now all dead and ISIS is in retreat as we know,” Speckhard said.

“That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t disregard that it was a plot,” she added. “We should take thoughtful steps to prevent.”

Here’s more about terror at the border:

Does the US need to worry about terrorists crossing the southern border?


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