When the ceremony for the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion was delayed several minutes on Thursday, the blame was quickly directed at President Donald Trump by some mainstream media reporters, but it turned out to be another claim based on faulty facts that just so happened to paint Trump negatively — and by the time a clarification was issued, the false claim had already gone viral.

“French television cameras spotted President Trump sitting down with Fox’s Laura Ingraham – fourteen minutes *after* the ceremony in Normandy was set to begin,” NBC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson reported Thursday. “Thousands of people waited as an announcement overhead came on, declaring the program would be delayed until 11:15 [a.m.]”

The fallout from Jackson’s tweet came swift and strong, with followers taking to Twitter to rebuke Trump for allegedly putting his own interests ahead of the memory of those who gave their lives to fight for the free world.

“What a selfish rude disgraceful disgusting thing for Trump to du !! #dday75th Trump dishonored the WWII Vets & President Macron,” wrote one outraged follower. “I have walked the cemetery and beach at Omaha Beach most any eye would tear considering what happened here, especially a military eye. Trump delays somber ceremonies for FOX News propaganda piece about Trump,” wrote another. “And the entire world got to see that Trump is so self absorbed that his interview was worth keeping the WWII vets and all the dignitaries waiting for him while he did it, because it’s all about HIM….” added another. “He’s the most despicable piece of garbage, keeping our HEROES waiting are you friggin kidding me?! We fought Tyranny but our country is in denial we have a Tyrant who’s speaking about the maniac we defeated but that maniac is his idol. Our PATRIOTS deserve far better,” blasted another. “This is just disgraceful. No reporter should miss reporting out this inconsiderate act. Many in attendance and in places of honor were over 90 years old. Making them wait for the ceremony to begin was cruel in the extreme,” added another.

Others directed their disgust at Ingraham for supposedly being willing to make veterans in order wait to score a big interview with Trump.

As Twitchy points out, Jackson’s claim has been retweeted thousands of times (over 5,000 and counting, currently).

But after fueling more outrage against Trump, about 20 minutes later Jackson posted an update citing AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire explaining that the event was not actually delayed by Trump — but by French President Emmanuel Macron.

“D-Day ceremony in Normandy starting thirty minutes late, veterans were waiting,” Lemire reported. “Trump did Fox News interview after he arrived, slowing him from reaching stage. But, from pool’s vantage point, he appeared to be done and ready before Macron arrived, at which point ceremony began.”

While Jackson’s initial post went viral, her update has barely been noticed, currently only having been retweeted less than 300 times. Some of those that did notice pointed out to those blasting Trump online.

“President’s Trump interview with Fox News was not the problem,” noted one guy who looked more closely at the facts. “Macron was late (he was also late for an earlier event with Theresa May). The ceremony began immediately upon Macron’s arrival. This is media disinformation delete your account.”

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