“I’ll take ‘things people say when a culture is in total free fall’ for $1,000, Alex.”

From the website “Let’s Run”:

Frustrated by the fact that track meets were the only place in her life where she was referred to as a man, Craig/Cece Telfer quit the (men’s) team in January 2018 before coming back out for the women’s team in October with renewed motivation. Since coming back out for the women’s team, (Coach Zach) Emerson said Telfer has been a “model athlete.”

“She did phenomenally well [in doing all that we asked her this year] and has been a completely different, motivated athlete,” said Emerson. “It’s only worth doing if she does her best. She made that very, very clear at the start of this year — that she wants to do this because she loves the sport, she wants to do well, and she wants to be genuine to herself. And we held her accountable, saying, ‘You have to be an example for everybody else on our team — let alone everybody else [that is paying attention].'”

I quote the story at length about the 400-meter hurdles usurper at the 2019 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships because the madness needed to speak for itself in all its depraved self-confidence.

Born a Male, CeCe Telfer, Dominates in Women’s NCAA


You have to be an example, he said, while denying your fundamental biology. You are doing your best, he said, while thieving victories and success away from actual women. We held her … err … him accountable, he said, while encouraging her … his mental pathology to run wild.

I know as we fall neck deep into Pride Month this June (but when is it not Pride Month anymore?), and being thus exposed to all manner of blasphemous propaganda and imagery, that we have become largely desensitized to who and what we have become.

But it isn’t exactly what you’d think.

Yes, the gender-bending is now gutting the world of women’s sports at the
high school and international as well as the college level. And when it comes to constructing a Tower of Babel, there isn’t an era of history that can rival this current version in terms of its perversion of the very nature of reality itself.

Yet none of this is because we first forgot about who women truly are, or why they are worth unique status and celebration. In fact, real women are reminding us as much as ever before about how marvelous their contributions can be. Whether it be in sports, professional life, or motherhood.

So how can we have better stories to tell about women and still be caving to the weakest and most pathetic swarm of locusts — transgenderism — that has ever plagued the earth?

Because this isn’t really about the women, folks. It’s about the men. Like it always has been.

The men without chests. The men like Coach Emerson. The ones who claim they are for women but who are only interested in what they can harvest from them. Whether that be sexual gratification or woke status or how to wear skinny jeans better.

They will abandon them after getting what they want. Always. Because before this modern world of transgenderism, all the way back when Adam went AWOL and let the serpent have his way with Eve in the garden, it was men who first forgot who and what they were called to be. Leaders and protectors.

Now they sit and watch — no, cheer — as their women are mocked out in the open while other men violate their goodness and beauty, including their fathers, brothers, and sons who can’t be bothered with rising up to defend their honor.

When they fall as hard as they do in this progressive age, the women don’t stand a chance. Even men in dresses will take everything from them.

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