This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again sounded the alarm on the uniquely venomous threat posed by the terrorist mullocracy that governs Iran. In sharp and overt language that stands in pointed contrast to the ham-handed obfuscations of many less morally righteous figures of the political Left, Netanyahu spoke of how Iran seeks to build an “arsenal of nuclear bombs.”

Per The Times of Israel:

Iran is actively trying to obtain an “arsenal of nuclear bombs,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday, amid ongoing tensions between the Islamic Republic and the US after the unraveling of the 2015 landmark nuclear deal.

“It’s very clear Iran is lying. Iran is continuing to work toward an arsenal of nuclear bombs, and we’re committed to stop it,” he said during a meeting with Olli Heinonen, a former deputy director-general at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Heinonen, in a series of interviews and lectures this week, repeatedly accused Iran of violating its commitments under the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The Islamic Republic would be theoretically be able to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon within six to eight months, he said, though building an actual bomb would take longer.

“Thank you for your forthright analysis and your clear-cut conclusion. I thank you for pointing out what Iran is doing,” Netanyahu told the Finnish-born scientist at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

As the Times further notes, last year Netanyahu, on the eve of President Donald Trump’s ultimate removal of the United States from the harrowing capitulation to fundamentalist jihadist evil known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (i.e., Iran nuclear deal), unveiled a stunning Israeli Mossad intelligence operation that revealed the depths of Tehran’s decade-long commitment to assembling nuclear weaponry. “Last year, Mossad agents smuggled out some 100,000 documents on 55,000 pages on 183 CDs from an unmarked Tehran warehouse,” the outlet stated. “According to Israeli officials, the documents proved that the Islamic Republic had actively worked on building a nuclear weapon, something Tehran has always denied and continues to deny.”

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro opined, at the time, on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dramatic revelation of the Mossad intelligence:

According to Netanyahu, Iran had a comprehensive program, Project Amad, to design and develop nuclear weapons, and they have now disassembled the program for later reassembly. The specific goal of Project Amad: designing nuclear weapons; developing nuclear cores; preparing nuclear implosions; preparing nuclear tests; integrating nuclear warheads on missiles. Iran devised a plan after the beginning of the Second Gulf War to further develop its nuclear weapons program in secret — and to form new organizations to continue the work of Project Amad. Today, Netanyahu said, the work was carried out inside the Iranian Defense Ministry, and many of Amad’s key personnel continued to work on the project. The Iranians did not declare their program to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Iran instead denied the existence of a program and specifically denied the Amad plan.

This presentation was undoubtedly carried out with the knowledge of the United States; Netanyahu said that the information had been shared with the United States.

Netanyahu’s moral clarity is a unique hallmark of his statesmanship.

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