On his radio program Thursday, the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Rush Limbaugh drew a comparison to World War II and what he described as the existential threat facing Western Civilization.

“I think we are facing a World War II-like circumstance in the sense that, as then, it is today: Western Civilization is at stake,” said Limbaugh (transcript via RushLimbaugh.com).

In explanation, Limbaugh started with the “silent coup” by the president’s political opponents but then quickly turned his focus to broader trends — including mass immigration without assimilation, the Democrats’ commitment to reshaping the U.S., and the progressive left’s increased embrace of abortion — which he suggested were all contributing to the unraveling of western values and traditions.

“With the Democrat Party constituted as it is, and with this invasion of people that have no intention of becoming Americans … They have no intention of assimilating,” said Limbaugh. “That’s not what this invasion of the southern border about — and believe you me, the Democrat Party that is watching this happen is applauding it precisely because it is not featuring people who want to assimilate. The Democrat Party today is made up of people who only see the United States as deeply flawed from the very beginning and in need of reform. Well, not reform. The United States needs to be redone in entirely new images — and we, of course, believe that the solution to whatever problems we have is to return to and maintain the values that established this country at the founding.”

“That’s the challenge we all face,” he said.

The increased embrace of abortion by the Left, Limbaugh added, was also evidence of the crisis. He then gave an account from his early days in radio, when he first moved to New York and suggested in front of an audience of liberals that abortion had parallels to the Holocaust. “At one point, I said, ‘You know, the thing that amazes me about this — one of the many things — is that there ought to be a group of people who’s really sensitive to this, and that’s Jewish Americans. They ought to really …’ Oh, and that just raised the roof when I made that comment.”

“I’m just saying that abortion is a modern-day horror,” he said. “It’s the same kind of horror that got us into World War II, one of the many things about it, and I think more and more people are finally starting to see it this way, as is finally being indicated by polling data.”

“So while Americans are engaging in this practice to the tune of over … What is it? A million? How many, a million a year? Yes. We likewise are having Americans who have been aborted replaced by this — in 2019 — 1,073,000 illegal immigrants that are crossing the border,” he said. “So I think Western Civilization is under siege. Western Civilization’s being blamed for every problem in the world, as evidenced by the Democrat Party.”

“There are a lot of connections today similar to the chain of events that led to World War II. You could say Trump is Churchill,” he added. “… He’s trying to get everybody to recognize this. He’s shouting from the rafters the doom that is coming. Churchill did the same. He couldn’t get the Brits interested in the Germans whatsoever. In fact, Churchill’s counterparts in the U.K. thought that they could make a deal with Hitler — good old Neville Chamberlain — and Trump faces much the same kind of thing. Like Trump is being mocked and laughed at, made fun of for the things he’s predicted. So was Churchill.”

The big shift, said Limbaugh, is that the Democratic Party has now morphed into something unrecognizable while the Republican Party isn’t willing to push back. “But until now, we’ve never had a political party where that point of view is close to being the dominating point of view — and the threat is rising,” he said. “And at the same time that this is happening, the Republican Party (which is supposed to be the pushback party and the opposition party) doesn’t really want to get into the water. A couple, three or four of them do, but most of them are like Neville Chamberlain. They just don’t want to deal with it.”

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