Carlos Maza, the Vox video journalist who orchestrated an online campaign to try to get conservative comedian Steven Crowder banned from YouTube, is being reminded of his own bizarre threats.

YouTube refused to ban Crowder, a BlazeTV host and YouTube star, from the platform, but later de-monetized his videos in order to appease the online mob.

Maza was then reminded of his own past behavior in the form of bizarre tweets that had been resurfaced by allies and supporters of Crowder.

In one tweet from May, he advocated for assault in order to humiliate political opponents.

“Milkshake them all,” he tweeted. “Humiliate them at every turn. Make them dread public organizing.”

“Milkshaking” refers to a recent tactic of left-wing protesters tossing milkshakes onto their political opponents in order to humiliate them.

Some pointed out that calling for violence, even relatively minor acts like tossing a milkshake onto someone, was against Twitter’s terms of use.

In 2016, Maza also said that he was hired in order to “take down Fox News.”

YouTube has notified Crowder that his videos could be monetized again if he complies with their demands. This has not appeased Maza, who appears to want Crowder completely banned and “de-platformed” for his insults.

Here’s Maza complaining about the Crowder chaos:

Carlos Maza rips YouTube over homophobic videos targeting him

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