In response to a New York Times report published Saturday, which claimed that Mexico agreed to take action at the border well before President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs, the president took to Twitter to set the record straight. In a series of angry tweets, President Trump disputed the paper’s claim and then wrapped up the thread by saying, “They are truly the enemy of the people.”

On Monday’s radio program, Glenn Beck pointed to a second New York Times story titled, “The Making of a YouTube Radical,” also published Saturday, in which the author claims that “far-right videos” on YouTube are brain-washing young men and driving them toward “neo-Nazism” and other “milder forms of bigotry.”

Glenn suggested that, by publishing these kinds of biased articles, the New York Times is proving President Trump’s “enemy of the people” comment was right.

“You know, the president is getting heat for saying that the New York Times is the enemy of the people,” Glenn said. “Well, in some ways, yes, and here’s why. They do not understand anything outside of their own bubble … [They] are cutting out half of their audience. Why would you do that? Because their political ideology is more important. And that political ideology on the left will give them power to shut down anything that they want — so they’ll have control of everything.”

Get more of Glenn’s take in the video below:

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