President Donald Trump said that he would consider taking action against big tech companies that he thought were discriminating against him during the election.

In a phone-in interview with Joe Kernen on CNBC Monday, the president accused companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon of colluding with the Democrats against his campaign in 2016.

“I can tell you they discriminate against me,” Trump responded to Kernen. “You know, People talk about collusion. The real collusion is between the Democrats and these companies because they were so against me during my election run. Everybody said if you don’t have them you can’t win, well I won, you know, and I’ll win again, because we’re doing well.”

Kernen later asked the president if he believed that the companies had monopolistic power and perhaps anti-trust action was needed by the government against them.

“Every week you see them going after Facebook, and Apple, and all of these companies that are, you know, great companies,” Trump said of authorities in Europe. “But I will say that the European Union is suing them all the time.

“We’re gonna look at it differently,” he said of U.S. authorities.

“They think there’s a monopoly but I’m not sure that they think that, they just figure this is easy money,” Trump added. “We’ll sue Apple for $7 billion and we’ll make a settlement or we’ll win the case. So I think it is a bad situation but obviously there is something going on in terms of monopoly.”

Some tech companies have been accused by conservatives of selective enforcement of their policies against the right and relatively lenient application against the left.

Here’s video of the entire interview:

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