British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn is, as The Daily Wire has long reported, a fairly transparent anti-Semite who has done little to quell the harrowing rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain that has perhaps not so coincidentally overlapped with his political rise to Labour Party national prominence. As Foreign Policy reminded readers last October, furthermore, the leading politician of Britain’s main center-left party once infamously referred to sharia supremacist jihadist groups Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends”:

[T]hree days after al Qaeda’s suicide bombings in London in July 2005, Corbyn spoke at a Stop the War Coalition rally in the city to stress the reason that civilians there were being blown up on trains and buses was “because of the way we inflict an insecurity on so many other people around the world. We have to be very clear about that.”

It is a favorite Corbyn theme. At another Stop the War rally (before becoming leader of the Labour Party, attending Stop the War rallies constituted a significant part of Corbyn’s life), he said the Islamic State’s beheading of Alan Henning, a British aid worker, was “the price of jingoism.”

For groups regarded as less extreme than al Qaeda and the Islamic State, Corbyn has been less restrained — and often a vocal backer. In a 2009 speech in London, where he was addressing the Stop the War Coalition, Corbyn famously described Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends.”

Just last week, in fact, The Daily Wire reported how Labour Party ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair — whose tenure as British leader overlapped with those of U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and was much more of a political centrist than is Corbyn — recently excoriated Corbyn by bluntly claiming that Corbyn is an anti-Semite who merely does not know yet that he is actually an anti-Semite. Per The Times of Israel:

UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite who doesn’t know that he is one, Tony Blair said Monday during a visit to Israel, speaking of the “shameful” anti-Semitism scandal that has engulfed the opposition party.

Blair, a former prime minister and long-time leader of Labour, said he no longer recognizes the party he led from 1994 until 2007.

“To be frank, this anti-Semitism row, it’s a shameful thing,” said Blair, who was interviewed at a panel event at Bar Ilan University just outside Tel Aviv.

“If you told me, not merely back in May 1997, but at any point in the next 10 years, that the party I led for 13 years would have a problem with anti-Semitism, I would literally not have credited it, or believed it, and yet it is, and it’s there today,” said Blair.

Now, as the Times also reports, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — who has long cultivated a philo-Semitic and pro-Israel political profile, going back to his tenure as a staunchly anti-Iranian regime U.S. congressman from Kansas — is vowing to “push back” against Corbyn’s insidious dissemination of venomous anti-Semitism, should the safety and security situation for British Jewry continue to deteriorate:

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a group of British Jewish leaders that Washington would “push back” against UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and do its “level best” to keep him from taking any steps that would make life difficult for Jews in the United Kingdom, a report said Saturday.

The comments drew outrage in Britain, with some accusing America of interfering in its internal affairs for the second time this month, after US President Donald Trump endorsed Boris Johnson for the leadership of the Conservative Party and prime minister. …

Citing a leaked recording of a private meeting, the Washington Post said that Pompeo was asked: If Corbyn is elected “would you be willing to work with us to take on actions if life becomes very difficult for Jews in the UK?”

Pompeo responded: “It could be that Mr. Corbyn manages to run the gantlet and get elected. It’s possible. You should know, we won’t wait for him to do those things to begin to push back. We will do our level best. It’s too risky and too important and too hard once it’s already happened.”

It seems that British Jews, much like their American counterparts, ought to continue to be grateful for Pompeo’s moral clarity and diplomatic stewardship at Foggy Bottom.

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