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Because, wait for it, Trump …

HBO’s “Chernobyl” is a five-episode miniseries chronicling the events surrounding an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union in 1986. While the series has won critical and audience acclaim from those on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum, the way each side sees the central argument in the film shows that in the age of Trump, everything is a Rorschach test.

Where conservatives see the miniseries as a screed against communism, those on the left see it as a failure of humanity, regardless of the political system. PJ Media’s David Forsmark has an excellent roundup of lefty critics’ responses to the show.

After explaining that the show is “one of the most searing indictments of communism ever put on the small screen,” Forsmark goes on to say, “Even more damning, this story takes place during the regime of the left’s hero, Mikhail Gorbachev, not during the acknowledged bad old days of Stalin.”

He goes went through a litany of lefty voices that tried to paint the failure as a warning about the Trump administration’s approach to a whole host of issues, including climate change, “alternative facts,” and the anti-vaccine movement. Then there were those critics, like those at the Washington Post and Rolling Stone, who more clearly made the case that this was about Trump.

The left is always pushing its agenda. It doesn’t stop. The facts don’t matter, only the narrative. And when it comes to Chernobyl, that narrative is that the series is a warning about Donald Trump, not communism.

Vox management begs YouTube to ban Crowder …

After Vox’s Carlos Maza’s begging of YouTube to ban BlazeTV host Steven Crowder from its platform was denied, the management at Vox has now formally asked YouTube to reconsider. Vox editor-in-chief Lauren Williams and head of video Joe Posner penned an open letter to YouTube that was all about Crowder.

The letter closes:

We are strong supporters of lively political debate and free speech and believe that turning a blind eye to abuse does nothing to advance either. Our efforts to protect Carlos and others from historically marginalized groups from being silenced or driven from the platform by incessant harassment are in line with these values. We appreciate YouTube’s efforts to work to improve your hate speech policy and your recent commitment to seriously review your harassment policy, and understand that making the internet a safer place while protecting political speech is a complicated, difficult task.

But right now those policies make everyone less safe. The dangerous backlash against creators who dare to speak out against abuse is all the more explosive when your rules are confusing and applied inconsistently and without transparency.

This Pride Month, change more than your logo. Clarify and enforce your harassment policy.

This is not about Pride Month or Maza. This is about a sustained attack by the Left to silence speech it does not agree with. It won’t stop with Crowder.

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