Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has reassured supporters that Republicans will change their ways after President Donald Trump is no longer leading the country, because, he says, they “know better.”

What are the details?

Speaking to a room full of donors and lobbyists in Washington Monday night, the former vice president said, “Here’s the deal: we all know, and I don’t think this is hyperbole, we all know in our gut this election is the most important election we’ve ever engaged in — and not just because I’m running,” according to the Huffington Post.

The 2020 White House hopeful suggested four years under the current president’s leadership would simply be an “aberration,” but warned that “eight years of Donald Trump will fundamentally change who we are in profound ways.”

“With Trump gone you’re going to begin to see things change,” Biden declared, “because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

The former senator from Delaware attempted to bolster his argument by telling the audience that a dozen of his old GOP colleagues voiced concerns after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. However, as the Huffington Post noted, “the Garland episode predated Trump’s presidency.”

This isn’t the first time Biden has predicted compromise from Republicans post-Trump. At a campaign stop in New Hampshire last month, Biden said he believes Republicans will be more willing to work across the aisle once the current commander in chief is gone.

“I just think there is a way, and the thing that will fundamentally change things is with Donald Trump out of the White House. Not a joke,” the longtime lawmaker said, according to Politico. “You will see an epiphany occur among many of my Republican friends.”

Anything else?

Columnist Aaron Blake wrote in the Washington Post that “Biden will continue to argue Tuesday that congressional Republicans are aware they are engaged in something that’s wrong.”

Blake quoted prepared remarks the former vice president is set to deliver during a speech in Iowa, where he is expected to claim President Trump “is deliberately and completely ignoring the legitimate authority of the Congress, and he’s doing it with the full complicity of the Republicans in Congress, who know better.”

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