Rush Limbaugh offered a piece of counterintuitive advice to Donald Trump on his radio program Tuesday: “Go to California, Mr. President.”

“I made a brilliant observation yesterday about the Democrats in California,” said Limbaugh (transcript via “Democrats in LA are appalled that homelessness in their city is rising and so much of it, and they’re mad that the Democrat candidates for president are not talking about it. And I told the people of LA (and I’ll do it again today), ‘The Democrats are not gonna talk about your problems. They already own you! They don’t need to fix a damn thing in California.'”

Democrats know every election cycle that they will get all of California’s electoral votes and the dominance of the Democratic Party in the state means that Republicans effectively “don’t exist” on the Left Coast.

“Democrat candidates for president have got nothing to gain by going to California and pointing out what’s happening there,” said Rush. “They’ve got nothing but anything to lose by doing that. If they go to California and start complaining, you can’t blame Republicans for it because the Republicans have nothing to do with what life is like in California now. That’s totally owned by the Democrats.”

It’s “the age-old adage,” he said. “They cannot be hurt by ignoring California. They can only be harmed by calling attention to it.” With that in mind, said Limbaugh, he’s been thinking about a new strategy for Trump: “start going to California.”

“I think he ought to go there once a month,” he explained. “I think the Republican National Committee ought to schedule a debate in California. I think the campaign should have ads showing and highlighting the homelessness in downtown Los Angeles and pointing out that this is what happens when Democrats run things with no opposition, no checks, no balances.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats “have to ignore California,” just like they ignore the African-American community other than to occasionally “blame Republican racism” for any problems.

“Put simply and succinctly, the left is desperate to stop Donald Trump because he’s doing what they can never do,” said Rush. “Donald Trump is doing what the left can never do. They can’t politically do it, and they couldn’t do it if they wanted to do it! They simply do not know how to raise economic circumstances for people. Not across the board. They can do it individually. They have their own share of the wealth, but they don’t believe in policies that make this happen. Government’s first, second, third, and last in their lives. Donald Trump shows the Democrat Party up every day. He puts them to shame every day on issues of substance that matter in people’s lives.”

The homeless crisis in California has frequently been in the news as of late, with spikes in homelessness impacting key cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, and escalating to the point that California lawmakers are considering increasingly desperate measures to try to address the issue, including requiring all counties and each major city in the state to provide “safe parking lots” for those who live out of their vehicles.

“Establishing a safe parking program in California’s most populated cities and having at least one in each county will provide a safe place for vehicle dwelling,” the author of Assembly Bill 891 told CBS Sacramento this week. “These programs can be overseen and controlled by local entities, they will result in these vehicles being moved away from nightly street parking and into designated lots, and create a sense of normalcy for individuals who are living out of their vehicles. The goal of this measure is to help transition these individuals into more stable and permanent housing.”

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