President Donald Trump called the migrant crisis and border enforcement the defining issue of the 2020 presidential election on Tuesday.

“This really is the defining issue of 2020,” Trump said. “When it comes to immigration, Democrats no longer represent American citizens.”

The president commented on immigration during his visit to Des Moines, Iowa, for the state Republican Party dinner.

“Nowhere has the Democrat Party become more dangerous or more radical than on border security,” he said. “Can you believe what’s going on with them? And they know it’s wrong … they think it’s good politically, but I think it’s terrible politically.”

During his speech, Trump welcomed an “angel mom” to the stage who lost her daughter after she graduated from college when her vehicle was struck by an illegal alien who was allegedly street racing under the influence of alcohol.

“Our wonderful president stands by us and does everything in his power to help us because he does not want to see another family have to go through what we’ve gone through,” she said. “And I thank him for that and I’m proud of him.”

Trump reminded voters that Democrats wanted to eliminate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who continue to fight criminal illegal aliens like MS-13.

“We’re not going to have it, and Iowa’s not going to have it, and we’re not going to fall for that,” Trump said.

The president also warned about diseases crossing the border within the groups of migrants coming into the country.

“People say, ‘don’t say that, that’s not nice,’ but it happens to be true. But the disease and the problems coming in … and it’s a very sad situation,” Trump said.

He defended his efforts to build the wall in the face of unprecedented obstruction from Democrats, and he celebrated the administration’s successful victory in the courts.

“We won a lawsuit on the wall,” he said as the audience applauded and cheered. “Boy! I celebrated all night for about ten minutes and then went back to work.”

He described the Democrats as out of touch with the American voters on the issue of immigration.

“The Democrat Party is really now the socialist part, and the Democrats have never been more out of touch with the mainstream,” Trump said. “Totally out of touch.”

He said that Republicans would continue to support border security and the rule of law.

“A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe family, safe community, and strong borders,” he said. “We want people to come to our country, but they have to come in legally and come in through merit.”

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