Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker opined that the path for a Donald Trump victory in his state and other key battleground states is paved in successful communication of the president’s economic policies and victories.

Besides touting record unemployment, enacted tax benefits and major cuts to regulation, Walker suggested that Trump should frame the 2020 presidential race as a contrast between “the American way” and failed socialist policies he says are being pushed by Democrats.

Speaking on this reporter’s weekend talk radio program, Walker said that for Trump to win Wisconsin and other battleground states he “has got to do two things.”

Walker continued:

One, I think he and his allies like myself and others have to do a better job of pointing out the benefits of his presidency. A typical taxpaying family in our state for example — two adults working, two kids living at home who go to school — that family saves over $2,500 from the president’s tax cuts.  You look at regulatory reform, the benefits for the factory workers, the changes in trade between Canada and Mexico, for example. There are a ton of benefits for dairy farmers in our state.

Secondly, he is going to have to continue to pound away whether it is Bernie or Biden or someone else out there.  He has got to define this race as a contrast between the American way of life which is that we live in a democratic republic that embraces free enterprise and has been successful. You know we’ve got historically low unemployment, the lowest since 1969. And we have it across-the-board. Many people in the media don’t give him credit for that.

You have to contrast that with whoever is going to be the democratic nominee who is really going to be a socialist embracing socialist policies that have failed in places like Venezuela. You’ve got to make that point over and over and over again. You either want to live the American dream and do it with the tools as our founders intended it and have been great for more than two centuries. Or we are going to shrivel away and become another failed socialist experiment here in this world. I think that is the stark contrast the president needs to make to win Wisconsin.

Walker gave the interview during a four day fact-finding mission to Israel last week arranged by pro-Israel activist Dr. Joseph Frager and the National Council of Young Israel.

During the interview, Walker touted Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights as critical for the Jewish state’s security and he hailed the president’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem.

Aaron Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow. Follow him on Facebook.

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