Opponents of Democratic Party presidential nomination frontrunner Joe Biden are finally beginning to criticize him for his lack of ability to excite anyone.

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, 2020 longshot Beto O’Rourke said that a Joe Biden victory would be a “return to the past.”

“You cannot go back to the end of the Obama administration and think that that’s good enough,” the failed senatorial candidate said on the show, according to HuffPost. “We had real problems before Donald Trump became president.”

O’Rourke went to highlight issues like wealth disparity, gun violence, and immigration as problems that persisted under Obama.

“We cannot return to the past. We cannot simply be about defeating Donald Trump,” he said. “And that cannot be who we are going forward. We’ve got to be bigger, we’ve got to be bolder, we have to set a much higher mark and be relentless in pursuing that.”

Regardless of what O’Rourke or the rabid progressive base of the Democratic Party feels, Biden still continues to hold a commanding lead. In fact, a poll conducted by The Des Moines Register this week put the former vice president at 24% support, while O’Rourke stands at a meager 2%. O’Rourke, however, feels that the election is too far out to make any predictions.

“I don’t know that this many months out from the caucuses in Iowa these polls really indicate what our prospects are,” O’Rourke told George Stephanopoulos, reports HuffPost. “If I relied on polls, in any race I’ve run, I never would have served in the U.S. Congress, never would have taken on Ted Cruz. Never would have been able to lead the largest grassroots effort in the state of Texas.”

Despite Biden’s lead in the polls, his authenticity among progressives took a major hit last week when he flip-flopped on taxpayer-funded abortions for the apparently straightforward reason that hard leftists began to criticize him for it. Former Obama campaign chief strategist David Axelrod said that Biden’s flip-flop is a serious red flag, and he doubted whether the former vice president can “go the distance.”

“I think that this was a parable about Biden that goes to question marks about his candidacy. His rollout was flawless, in my view, and he’s had a very solid spring, but this underscores questions that people have had about whether he can go the distance,” Axelrod told CNN. “One, because the virtue of having a long record and comforting people and being a figure of stability has the flip side that you have to defend positions that you’ve had over the course of 45 years in politics, some of which may have been acceptable in the day and not acceptable now. We see that on this issue of the Hyde Amendment, but the other is the way this thing came down.”

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile, however, believes that Biden’s flip on the Hyde Amendment indicates that he is willing to “evolve” and should be commended for that. “When they evolve, we should embrace their evolution,” she said on Fox News. “Perhaps this is not an evolution in his thoughts, but is he explaining it better now.”

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