In this episode of “Here’s the Deal,” host Deneen Borelli tore into California’s Democrat leadership for ignoring their state’s epidemic of homelessness, garbage heaps, human waste, and typhus-spreading rats.

“Democrats are turning a blind eye to the serious problems, instead focusing on feel-good pet policy projects like, you guessed it, climate change,” Deneen said.

Deneen said California’s homelessness crisis, which has lead to massive garbage heaps and human feces piling up in the city streets, “is a recipe for an infectious disease epidemic.” She noted the recent outbreak of flea-borne typhus in downtown Los Angeles, which has been linked to an infestation of rats in areas surrounding the homeless tent encampments.

“Democrats are ignoring solvable problems right in front of them,” Deneen said. “They are more concerned about trendy issues like climate change than dealing with the real and dangerous issues that their cities face every day. Democrats are implementing policies to save the world in 12 years, while medieval diseases spread through the streets. The fundamental roll of government is to protect citizens, and these coastal catastrophes are making it clear: Democrats can’t deliver.”

Watch the video below:

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