The following is satirical.

CNN White House Reporter Jim “Look at me I’m Jim” Acosta has a new book out entitled “Look at Me. I’m Jim Acosta by Jim ‘Look at me I’m Jim’ Acosta” — subtitled Why You Should Look at Me Because I’m Jim Acosta.

The book details Acosta’s struggle to cover the White House in such a way that everyone will look at him because he’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta writes of the terrifying moment when he was forced to fight off an attack from a hundred-pound female White House aide who tried to wrestle the microphone from his hand while he was in the midst of shouting his personal opinions at the President of the United States.

Acosta writes, “She came at me like a bat out of hell and I realized at any moment I might lose my grip on the microphone so that the audience would no longer look at me even though I was still Jim Acosta. Now there are some—some, I should add, who were not there in the thick of the battle—who say I should not have knocked this attacker away from me because she was only a woman, but some of these babes are fast, moving like a shark through the water or a torpedo or a girl so at any moment, they could fatally knock you off center stage. I couldn’t let that happen.”

In another section of the book, Acosta writes movingly of the threat Donald Trump poses to the free press, saying, “Donald Trump calls the press the ‘enemy of the people,’ but really when you think about it, who are the people that we should not be their enemies? Are they me, Jim Acosta? Are they even looking at me? And if not, why not? Do they not know who I am?”

The answer to these and other questions are in the book or, in fact, in the subtitle of the book, which should save you a few bucks.

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