On Thursday’s episode of “America,” host Eric Bolling said he is fed up with America being the charity for the world and praised President Donald Trump for treating our economy as a business by putting an end to the fleecing of our country through inequitable foreign trade.

“Business is business, folks. America is not a charity, to the dismay of the liberal left. Finally, we have a president who is treating our country and our economy as a business and not a charity,” Eric said.

“Finally, we have a president who realizes the potent negotiating tool our buying power is around the world. We’ve had too many presidents who weren’t smart enough or didn’t have enough guts to use it the was Trump does,” he added. “We bowed down to China as they taxed our manufacturers and farmers to death, while we give them a free ride over our borders. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of imbalance drains our producers year after year — until Trump came along and said ‘no more’.”

Watch the video below:

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