One thing President Trump is not is a word mincer.

The president appeared Friday on his favorite morning TV show, “Fox and Friends,” and gave his very blunt assessment on some of the candidates currently running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

First up was Joe Biden. Trump questioned the former vice president’s “mental capacity” and declared Biden “doesn’t have what it takes.”

Host Steve Doocy asked Trump what he meant that Biden “doesn’t have what it takes.”

“It means mental capacity, it means a lot of different things. He never did have what it takes,” said Trump, adding that he has referred to Biden as “one percent Joe” after his two previous failed bids for the Democratic nomination.

“Everybody knows that Joe Biden does not have what it takes,” Trump said. “He ran two or three times. I used to call him ‘1% Joe’ because he never got more than 1%. Then Obama came along and, surprisingly, took him off of, I say, the trash heap.”

Trump then moved on to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whom he called “Pocahontas” for her longtime false claims to be a Native American. The president said she’s finally starting to move up in the polls — from single digits to barely double digits — and added he’d “love to run against her.”

“I see that Pocahontas is doing better. I would love to run against her, frankly,” Trump said.

Trump also mentioned Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic socialist from Vermont. “I see that Bernie Sanders is not doing well at all,” Trump summed up.”I would’ve frankly liked to have run against—” Trump begin before breaking off.

But he said Biden, Warren and Sanders are the top contenders. “I think it’s probably those three. I don’t see the other ones. I really don’t see it.”

Then, as he does, he went through a few of the other wannabes anyway, like California Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana.

“They talk about Kamala, I don’t see Kamala. … Mayor Pete, I don’t see at all, I think that’s a joke, Mayor Pete,” said Trump.

The president, who formally kicks off his re-election campaign Tuesday in Orlando, Florida, dismissed polls that show him trailing in some key states.

“Well, the polls I see, we’re doing great in Pennsylvania, we’re doing really good in North Carolina, and in Florida I’m winning by a lot. Ohio I’m winning by a lot. I just left Iowa, we’re winning that by a lot. And every poll that I see and every poll that we have, we’re doing well,” Trump said. He added that he’s also polling well in Michigan and Wisconsin, two states that have traditionally voted for Democrats but went Republican in 2016.

Democrats will hold their first debates on June 26 and 27 in Miami. There are 23 candidates and each had to achieve at least a 1% score on three specific polls. That left three Democrats out of the debates — Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam.

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