Instead of wisely sitting out Father’s Day, powerful pro-abortion organization NARAL decided to promote the murder of the unborn in a post honoring “pro-choice dads,” oddly including an image of a baby girl holding a sign that reads, “I’m a Battle Born Feminist And I Vote.”

“Happy #FathersDay to all the pro-choice dads out there! #MenForChoice support equality and value bodily autonomy—and that makes them great role models!” NARAL captioned the post.

The abounding irony was not lost on Twitter users.

“So the geniuses at NARAL think it helps their cause to feature in their propaganda a BABY as an advocate of abortion???? Beam me up, Scotty,” mocked legal scholar and conservative public intellectual Robert P. George.

“#FathersDay message from NARAL is unreal. They are wishing a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to pro-choice dads,” noted pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha. “Note to NARAL ‘pro-choice dads’ are men who have participated and cooperated in the killing of their children.”

“Pro-choice dad is oxymoronic,” she added.

“There is nothing more perverse than using Father’s Day to glorify abortion and celebrate men who reject fatherhood,” said National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis.

“Part of being a good dad is knowing that sometimes you have to kill the baby,” PJ Media’s Jim Treacher sarcastically posted.

“You know what NARAL supports, right?” posed writer Carolyn Bolton. “So, how does this make any sense?”

“This is truly disgusting. This is beyond ignorant. This is a slap in the face,” said Kay Fellows (a.k.a. “The Woke Feminist”).

For some reason, pro-abortion organizations have routinely pushed abortion on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, apparently unconcerned about the absurdity of the timing of their comments. Though the account for Planned Parenthood Action Fund did not post any tweets to honor fathers on Sunday as did NARAL, the organization went all-out on Mother’s Day this year.

“Today and everyday, we honor mothers around the world and the people who guide us, provide for us, love us — mother us. Happy Mother’s Day to you all,” the account for Planned Parenthood Global captioned an image on Mother’s Day, as highlighted by Conservative Tribune.

“Planned Parenthood is committed to fighting for mothers, women, and the families that depend on them throughout the world — because every woman should be able to decide if and when to be a mother,” the image read.

Things just got worse from there, when Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen promoted the abortion company in a bizarre Mother’s Day video featuring her son.

“This is my son Eli, who is 20 months old. Like other moms, I’m always thinking about Eli. Is he eating well? Did he nap today? Is he healthy and safe?” Wen asked.

“I know the demands of motherhood sometimes make it hard to think ourselves and our own health,” she continued, adding that her mother taught her that “the most important thing we have is our health.”

“In order to care for our children and our families, we have to care for our own health,” said Wen. “This Mother’s Day, I pledge to take time for myself.”

“Let’s make our health and well-being a priority,” she concluded, before a massive Planned Parenthood graphic shoots across the screen.

Perhaps organizations that push the murder of the unborn— or actually engage in the murder of the unborn (to the tune of about 320,000 annually) — should sit out holidays honoring parents.

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